iMeet Central

Claire Haidar: 13 shared characteristics of future-forward organizations.

Voyage Dallas Magazine

Meet Claire Haidar: Founder of WNDYR and Pattyrn. Author, photographer, wild child.

Midlands Business Journal

The Midlands Business Journal features Claire Haidar’s keynote for ICAN Women’s Leadership Conference focused on the Chaos Theory at work.

The Economist

Claire explains why WNDYR chose Dallas as its Head Quarters.


Claire is mentioned as an expert about how to serve customers in an article that talks about Employee Engagement.

Silicon Republic

Everything you need to know about a career in AI.

Martes Financiero

Five tips for the worker of the future.

The Sunday Business Post

The road to everywhere – where tech is going next.

La Prensa – Economìa

La Prensa wrote an article about Claire Haidar and the Future of Work.

The Future of Work: It’s got to be wild – Microsoft Teams Launch Event

Claire keynoted the MS team launch event in London and delivered a fierce speech on how the software is helping us to be more human.

Virtual Reality: Truths About the World of Virtual Work

Claire Haidar talks about future for a blog article.

“What I know about the future of work” – Wamda

Here is some of CH pointers on WHAT you need to know about the future of work

Claire Haidar Interview – t3n Magazine

t3n magazine interviewed Claire Haidar about emails and her life without it.

“Robots will take over 90% of office jobs.”

Der Brutkasten wrote an article about Claire and the work revolution.

Messaging tools for business communication?

Claire tells us why messaging tools should be used for business.

NEXT16: The Future of Work is Chaos. Embrace It.

Claire spoke at the Next conference in Hamburg Germany.

NEXT16: AI Brings Humans 2.0 to work

Claire presented a workshop yesterday on AI and how you need to be preparing your business for the future of work at Next Conference in Hamburg, ahead of her onstage talk, The Future of Work is Chaos, on Friday 23 September.

Can apps improve your mental wellbeing?

The Guardian recently brought Claire’s expertise into an article about mental health and mindfulness/stress management apps. She offers her thoughts about the neural loops that make phones a less than ideal tool for managing stress. Article: The Power Of The Master List

Claire shares how we can all enjoy increased productivity and revenue by implementing and managing our own Master List systems.

99U Article: How I Gave Up Email & Reclaimed 3 Hours a Day

Claire wrote about the experience of giving up email and reclaiming 3 hours of her time every day.

Fast Company Interview: Leadership and an Email Free Life

Fast Company got in touch with Claire to ask about her must-have tips and tech tools for productivity.

WIRED: Multitasking Causes Brain Damage: 5 Ways to Cut it Out

Claire shares five ways to deal with the overwhelming and unproductive effects of multitasking over at Wired.

Time Feature: This Is the Ultimate Secret to an Email-Free Life

Time suggested taking a lesson from Claire’s No Email experiment, even if we don’t feel like abandoning email completely.

Citrix Blog: Could You Join the No Email Movement?

Wendy McAuliffe features Claire’s story in a post about the #noemail movement and the positive impact that it can have on productivity.