Soltis 19th Annual Investment Committee Conference

2022 Annual Conference

“Thank you so much for your message to our clients.  You hit some very relevant topics for them to understand about Gen Z and all employees that are struggling with time and technology.  We thank you so much and appreciate your wisdom and experience. “

Kim D. Anderson

Association of Corporate Council

2021 The Future of Work: Creative Strategies for a Transforming Workplace

“Everyone in the room … was quite simply blown away with the quality and content of the presentation!  Thank you for all of the time you put into preparing and presenting!”

Tracy Dalton

International City/County Management Association (ICMA)

2021 Annual Conference

“Claire was great.  She was a delight to work with and I thought she delivered a great presentation.  A real pro.”

Jeremy Figoten

Architectural Woodwork Institute

2021 Fall Convention Opening

“Thank you for sharing with us at AWI this morning. Your talents and hard work are to be commended and your message was shared with tremendous passion. I do hope to create some structure within the chaos.”

Tim Gifford

The Western Maryland IT Center of Excellence

2021 Tech at the Gap: Prepare to Launch

“Both Claire and Hoot were excellent speakers for our event. Hopefully, we can work together again for next year’s conference.”

The IMAGE Business Summit 2021 in Partnership with PwC Masterclass

2021 Virtual event 

“Life-changing, thank you” – Kathleen Hennessy

“Wow, so many amazing life tips, really enjoyed that” – Sarah Mallon

“Great session and a great new way to look at goal-setting” – Catherine Schoendorff

“Amazing, loved this masterclass” – Sharon Griffin

“Actually observing our lives, spot on” – Sophie Teyssier

Optinose Pharma

2021 Virtual keynote

“Thanks again for another wonderful success with another wonderful client!

I was sitting with the CEO, during your presentation and he said, “Claire is really fantastic!” I told him I could not agree more!!

I truly love (love) the way you interact with the clients pre-show. That is the magic, Claire and I thank you for that. You truly internalize the business objectives and do not just drop a client name into a presentation.

Everyone truly appreciates and receives that approach so well…”

Peter Bavoso, Connection Maker | VP Account Management Drury Design

National Multifamily Housing Council

2020 Virtual closing keynote

“… it was great.  Informative and easy to digest.  We love working with you!!”

Michael Gottesman

Boehringer Ingelheim

2020 Virtual keynote

“Claire, on behalf of all of us…you are a Rockstar! I have said for years, that what makes a great speaker, is not just what they do “onstage” – but what they do “off-stage” as well, doing their homework, being prepared, tech’ing, rehearsing, etc. – and you totally nailed it! You were really terrific, onstage and off! On behalf of all of us, thank you for a truly great engagement. Looking forward to the next one, which I hope is soon!”

Mark Felix

“Hi Claire, just a quick note to thank you for the tremendous job you did today. The messaging and the style of delivery hit home for people – the chat comments/questions were non-stop…”

Lou Alhage

ICAN Institute for Career Advancements Needs


“Claire Haider was a featured breakout speaker at our August 2020 Women’s Leadership Conference. She was pleasure to partner with, and we especially appreciated how she was able to adapt from in-person to virtual, accommodate our date change, and amend her presentation for us, given world events. Our attendees remarked at how relevant her message was, particularly that continual iteration is part of the process at work.”

Lisa Kaplan

E-Minnesota Business Venture

2020 Virtual Business Camp for High School Students

“We loved having Claire with us at eMBV and the generous time she gave is so appreciated. I know the students, as well as everyone listening, got so much out of her session.”

Jenna Gale

Wrike Collaborate


“Claire Haidar is a phenomenal speaker. We have enjoyed having her speak at Wrike Collaborate the last two years. Her sessions are always very highly rated!”

Trish King, Director of Global Events, Wrike


“Claire is a fantastic and inspiring speaker! I had the pleasure of working with her when she moderated a panel on Digital Transformation at our Wrike Collaborate conference. It was clear Claire had invested time and research into preparing for the panel and was passionate about the topic. She led a lively and engaging discussion, which benefitted the audience because it was practical, but also thought-provoking.”

Allyson Scott, Public Relations Director, Wrike

Widen Summit 2019

“Claire was able to talk about the broader topic of the future of work while at the same time making it personal and relevant to our audience. She is a dynamic, entertaining, and informative professional speaker.
Working with her and her team on the administration side was both simple and enjoyable.”

Jake Athey, VP Marketing | Widen

ET Bootcamp 2018

“We have received great feedback from our Early talents and also the other HR colleagues who attended your sessions.”

Lakshmi Bagare, HR Business Partner, SAP Ariba

Technology Adoption Summit 2018

“Wishes to acklowledge and express its sincere appreciation for Claire Haidar for her significant contributions to the Federal Reserve System’s 2018 Technology Adoption Summit”

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Federal Reserve Bank